One Day in Flensburg

Hello guys!

About a week ago Arthu, Thannu and I went to Flensburg just to do some shopping and chill. It was so relaxed and I guess we all really needed that. It was kinda like a “getaway for one day”-ish feeling. Just driving around, shopping a little, eating a lot and enjoying each others company and enjoying Flensburg.

 photo IMG_1113_zpsql7udcso.jpg
 photo IMG_1122_zps3syl3sqq.jpg
 photo IMG_1138_zpshqwdnsra.jpg
 photo IMG_1149_zps9oza0udz.jpg
 photo IMG_1133_zpsdx628vkm.jpg
 photo IMG_1134_zpsqavsehhe.jpg
 photo IMG_1160_zpsymtipico.jpg
 photo IMG_1162_zpsgydh8zga.jpg
 photo IMG_1158_zpslataniaw.jpg
 photo IMG_1163_zpswwsgkujg.jpg
 photo IMG_1170_zpseijbjuuh.jpg
 photo IMG_1166_zpsfsxfeyky.jpg
 photo IMG_1178_zps0tqtifk8.jpg
 photo IMG_1181_zpsosp1ev8e.jpg
 photo IMG_1182_zpsp6ettsop.jpg
 photo IMG_1192_zpsukkrsslo.jpg
 photo IMG_1249_zpsaxaexorc.jpg

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