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Hello guys!
I have a totally random post today. It has been about a week since I last posted on the blog. I’ve been busy working on videos and taking photos for the blog, and was trying to focus on the content, and that’s why I haven’t posted any thing. There is a lot of content coming up soon though! 
I just thought I would give you guys a lifeupdate and then share some photos of some delicious donuts that I bought some weeks ago and never got to post on the blog :P 
I just had one week easter holiday which was really good. It wasn’t that productive as I hoped it would be BUT I got to spend a lot of time by myself and I got to focus on my health and just me in general. I got to read a lot, and I studied a little too, I got to clean, workout and drink a lot of smoothies. I really needed this break I guess. So it was really good and I’m feeling ready to start uni again tomorrow and also I’m ready with blog posts and videos too. I was actually going to upload a video today. The video is ready and all that but there’s something wrong with YouTube, so I can’t click into my channel, or I can’t click into anyones channel actually. First I thought it was only mine but then I tried to click on other youtuber’s channel and that didn’t work either. So if that is not being fixed today I will upload the video tomorrow :) 
Anyways.. I hope you all had a great Easter <3 ^_^ Take Care!
Now to the donuts: 

 photo IMG_4834_zpsce9pzqfu.jpg
 photo IMG_4832_zps10hwqgue.jpg
 photo IMG_4824_zpszh5dpzof.jpg
 photo IMG_4843_zpsvwmlneme.jpg

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