Lesson Learned // Life Is A Beautiful Struggle


Hello Everyone <3 ^_^

Since 2015 is almost over I wanna share my “lessons” that I have learned this year. Let me jut sum up what I’ve learned in 2015 before I start blabbering about it:

  1. Learn to prioritize yourself FIRST
  2. Do NOT depend on other people’s happiness
  3. Learn to say NO
  4. Live in the present
  5. Get out of your comfort zone
  6. Be grateful (Always! No matter what!)

Now let’s talk emotions and stuff… or not.. -_- I gotta admit 2015 has been a rollercoaster in a lot of ways and there were a lot of challenges. At the very end I dont regret anything or feel bad or sad about anything. I believe whatever has been going on is for the best and if life didn’t have its ups and downs it would be boring anyways right? Even though this year feels tough in a lot of ways, I do feel stronger and wiser for every year that goes by and I realize I still have a lot to learn in life at the same time -_-‘

One of the biggest lessons this year is probably to prioritize myself FIRST cause that’s what everyone else does and everyone should do (It’s something I’m still working on though). We are responsible for our own happiness and we should not depend on other people’s happiness to be happy ourselves. This year I’ve also learned to say NO (I’m so bad at saying no guys..)! That’s definitely one of the biggest achievements too and it feels so good! :D

Another thing I’ve been working on this year is: Live in the present! Oh yeah… I’m a planner. I love to plan my life ahead and I easily get stuck in the past as well. It’s such a bad combo. I’ve had so many dreams and wishes about how my life should be and I think that’s what gives me the drive to get going with life. Though I tend to forget the present. Since I have all these goals and dreams I forget what’s in front of me and I also tend to throw away what I have right now without realizing it.

I learned a lot about myself this year. It’s crazy. The more I go out there the more I realize everything is temporary so I get a little scared seeing the outer world. So how did I get myself up again? I gave myself some time, and accepted the way life is and the way people are. I started working on myself instead of focusing on the outer (which is the best thing you can do for yourself).. The most challenging of everything this year was not being in my comfort zone like I used to. I love being on the safe side, but I did realize that not being on the safe side made my life more challenging yet fun. I do have a bunch of awesome random memories from this year that I can’t even count! I took chances and risks and I think that’s why I got to know myself a little better as well this year.

With that said… I feel blessed to have such amazing people around me: My family and friends! They always support me and they’re always there no matter what. Even though it was a tough rollercoaster this year, I did survive so I guess all is well? ^_^ I can’t wait to see what 2016 has to bring me and how it is gonna turn out for me..! I hope you all had an awesome year with a lot of memories and lessons as well! :)

Love ya! Mwah <3



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