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Hello guys! 
I’ve got another outfit post for you today. I took these photos about a month ago but didn’t get to post it until now. I wanted to try something new so I bought some pants from H&M that I never in my life thought I personally would not buy. I actually do think they are pretty but I don’t really feel comfortable in them I guess that’s one of the reason I also didn’t post this look earlier. I don’t think it’s bad but it’s not an outfit I choose that often. It’s very different from what I usually would go for, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say :P Anyways let me show you: 
Today’s Outfit: 

Top: Envii // Pants: H&M // Jeans: Gina Tricot
 photo IMG_7519_zpsqpxqy2le.jpg
 photo IMG_7524_zpsrnk8h6ph.jpg
 photo IMG_7543_zpsy9hxpbzi.jpg
 photo IMG_7528_zpst5qsr4t3.jpg
 photo IMG_7546_zpsa9pf7ita.jpg
 photo IMG_7535_zpssw22wmyv.jpg
 photo IMG_7547_zpsi3fqdozk.jpg
 photo IMG_7556_zps9wthnnkn.jpg
 photo IMG_7565_zpsnbs7doyx.jpg
 photo IMG_7595_zpspvrn9gac.jpg
 photo IMG_7566_zpsoqqgb2gd.jpg


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