Hello 2014. Goodbye 2013

Well I NEVER got to write about my 2013 OR 2014 either! So I thought it is time to sum up everything and close the chapter 2013 and start on my new chapter 2014! Which means letting go of everything and just start on a fresh! :D

So where do I start? 2013 has been a different year for me… like after summer my whole life kinda changed… because I started on a new study, I left home and moved to a city I’ve never been before. I had my close friend here though but everything else was new for me. It was crazy. But crazy in a good way. So I stayed with my friend for about 2 or 3 months, then I got a temporary apartment for about 2 months and then I came back to my friend’s place for a month and finally after that I got my own apartment for January! I started studying IT (Information & Communication Technology) and then switched to Software Engineering since my plan was to finish off IT bachelor and then taking Software Engineering as candidate, but if I just study Software Engineering from the bottom, I’ll be done with my study six months earlier, which I prefer. :) * okay… Enough about my study :P *

Anyways.. let’s quickly move forward to 2014!!! :D So I’ve had a quite stressful but good start in 2014! I started out with having exams, which were terrifying cause I didn’t feel prepared enough at all but except for that I’ve got my own apartment, which means I now have my own place! That feels good :D And another good thing is I DID survive two of my exams already so I’m happy! :D

So how do I want my 2014 to be?! I believe that it ISSS our choice to make our lives GOOD. If we learn to think positively and just have a positive mind, I think your life somehow will turn out to be positive. But it ISS practice… I need to practice being more positive and happy! and I wanna focus on the good!! This year I don’t wanna take anything for granted and I wanna show more gratitude to what I already have. I don’t think I’ve appreciated enough of what I already got… so I’m definitely gonna work on that! :) Except for that I REEEAAALLY want to be productive this year.! Like updating my blog regularly, reading a lot of books, doing homework in time and study hard.! I would feel so much better about myself if I was just a little more productive and got things done in time xP Oh yeah! Another thing I’ve been struggling with for years is being HEALTHY -_- gosh.. .that is sooo hard! I don’t wanna go on diet… But I should make sure I get the right vitamins and proteins and stuff you know… And otherwise I should do some exercise. -_-‘ I’m a junk food addict, I love McD, and I looove going out and eat. That is so cozy! And I’m in love with chocolate -_- so yeah… I’m not gonna control my chocolate and eating like that… I just have to make sure to eat some more fruits and veggies, and do some exercise and drink a lot of water! And other than that I should quit eating out so much, not only because of health but because of my ECONOMY. I’m a spender… I looove shopping BUT it’s time to learn to save some money at the same time.  Which takes me to the next new year resolution… Getting a job! I think that’s pretty much it… so my New Year’s Resolution 2014 will be like this:

  1. Being positive
  2. Showing gratitude >> Not taking anything for granted
  3. Being productive
  4. Healthy lifestyle (Eat more fruits & veggies, drink more water, exercise)
  5. Save money
  6. Get a job

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