Good Morning

Hi everyone!

Good morning and happy Saturday! ^_^ So this is gonna be a quick random post. I got to take photos before getting ready for some blogging work. I’ll talk more about the makeup look in another post ;) This is just where I share with you guys which kind of products I use for my daily facial care. My daily facial skincare and haircare changes all the time. Anyways let me show you the products instead ;)

Drinking greenTea:
 photo IMG_6654_zps7kyg1ekv.jpg

BareFace (Chillin with my CocaCola PJ)
 photo IMG_6592_zpsue2wauot.jpg
 photo IMG_6600_zps6ygianjl.jpg
Omg! So one of my friends bought this chocolate waves and they are amazing! You guys should defiantly try them if you haven’t!
 photo IMG_6612_zpstpv7sfzc.jpg
For exfoliating and toning I use these two products from TheBodyshop:  (It’s not a daily cleanser though!)
 photo IMG_6626_zps0eb0prsj.jpg
I use this cleansing water to make sure ALL my makeup is removed after using makeup wipes and before using my moisturizer at night:
 photo IMG_6624_zpsyz4lsc4h.jpg
My moisturizer at the moment is from LOREAL:
 photo IMG_6615_zpsb5z8oskd.jpg
Vaseline for the lips as always:
 photo IMG_6621_zps7u40xibi.jpg
I got a body cream and bodyspray from Victoria Secret from Thami and I’m in looooove:
 photo IMG_6617_zpsv9awhhue.jpg
 photo IMG_6618_zpsvkixxn05.jpg
Omg! I got this Skin Deep Golden Elixir! It’s a “natural” creme with shimmering gold in it and it says it’s so good for your skin. I haven’t tried it that much so I can’t tell you guys much about it BUT I am excited about the creme. It says: Shimmering 24 carat gold. Vitamin rich body serum to transform and nourish! XD So I can’t wait to try it out!
 photo IMG_6643_zps4re9lear.jpg
Argon Oil for the hair:
 photo IMG_6631_zpswtoobo6m.jpg
My straightener from Remington:
 photo IMG_6637_zpsq9u3raxr.jpg
GreenTea shot again before showing you my makeup look:
 photo IMG_6657_zpsgqpvlmxk.jpg
 photo IMG_6658_zpsoq1hz8ft.jpg
 photo IMG_6662_zpsshd5pxkb.jpg
 photo IMG_6655_zpsmra6vqrq.jpg
 photo IMG_6663_zpsdsuydugx.jpg
 photo IMG_6661_zpse0shdvyv.jpg
And that’s it for today! 
Take Care! 

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