Duomo di Milano

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Hello guys!
It’s our first day at Milan and we love ithere! The plan today was to wander around Piazza Duomo where the Milan Cathedral “Duomo di Milano” and the shopping mall “Gellera Vittorio Emanuelle 2” are. Today’s post is about the cathedral and since I have a lot of photos to share, there will be a part two where I share the rooftop of the cathedral separately cause that part itself is so beautiful and I wanted that to be separate for that reason :P The architecture and the details are just amazing!
The Duomo di Milano is the largest church in Italy and the third largest in the world(or that’s what wiki says :P) . And also they say it took about six century to build. The church is beautiful inside and out! I love it! My favorite part was definitely the rooftop though which I will show more in the next post :) 

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