Current Fragrances

Hello guys!
One of my latest obsessions are fragrances. I actually usually just stick to one and I only use that one till it’s done and then I’ll buy a new one but I don’t have more than one fragrance at once. But now I’m tempted to buy more fragrances and try more at once (not good). Lately I’ve been enjoying these 3 fragrances shown below: CLEAN (Rain), Olympéa and Emporio Armani (Because it’s you). Love these 3! I’m going to explorer more fragrances soon but these are the ones I’ve been enjoying the last few months! What do you guys use currently? And what’s your favorite fragrances so far?
I think my all time favorite is the CLEAN Rain fragrance. Oh and also there was a Taylor Swift fragrance that I really loved once. Omg Lancolm – Miracle is amazing too! Ok I’ll stop now. Let me know your favorites! <3


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