Curly/Wavy Vs. Straighten

Hello guys! 
I miss posting just random posts on the blog like I usually did when I started blogging, so here we go! I often straighten my hair because I don’t really know how to style my curly/wavy hair. I still haven’t found out if it’s curly or wavy ^^” I hate applying mouse or products in my hair that makes it greasy so I have to wash my hair everyday -.-‘ That’s the main reason that I just straighten it. When I straighten it it’s straight one day and the next two days it’s a little wavy and then I’ll wash my hair afterwards. But lately I’ve been feeling like all the straightening is damaging my hair even though I’m using hair protection, so I’m still kinda trying to find out what to do and how to style. As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts; I’ve got shorter hair and in these pictures of my before and after straightening my hair you can probably tell what I meant with the hair being shorter if I didn’t straighten it :P Here we go: 
 photo Billede 22-05-2017 09.08.06 1_zpskwypqn7d.jpg   photo Billede 22-05-2017 09.08.17 1_zpsuhcvr0dr.jpg
 photo Billede 22-05-2017 09.08.19_zpsykomj8e9.jpg
 photo Billede 22-05-2017 09.33.03_zpsascf46vi.jpg   photo Billede 22-05-2017 09.33.14 1_zpswoigrlcw.jpg

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