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Hi guys! <3 :D

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts I’ve got to the semifinals in a Loreal Contest: “Trendsettersearch 2015”!! :D But to go to the finals I need your vote yet again! ^_^ Click here if you wanna vote, and click here to read more about the contest and to see my work for the contest :D



Since I got to the semifinals I got a Loreal goodie bag!! :D So guys… it’s time to try out some new products! :D I was trying some of the new makeup before I went to school the other day. The look is very casual, nothing extra ordinary, but here we go :D

The products I’ve been using:


  • Mac Concealer and Sephora concealer: The sephora concealer is too light (I’ve been mentioning this struggle before too), but after giving it some time, it actually sets on the skin very naturally, but still I really want a little “darker” concealer some day. The Mac Concealer is too dark thinking of it as a concealer, but it covers up well on my face if I need that. I can’t use the Sephora one for that since it’s too light, so that’s only for underneath my eyes.
  • BB Creme medium from Loreal: First of all I’m surprised that it suits my skintone! :D It’s a very light coverage and it feels like not wearing anything. It sure does give the whole face the same tone and makes your skin shine and brighten up a little more, yet it does look natural! :D
  • Loreal Bronzer: I looove this bronzer. I’ve been wanting one not too “reddish” and this one is really perfect!
  • Loreal Mascara: This Mascara is crazy! It gives so much volume and so easy to apply! LOVE it!
  • Loreal Lipstick: I didn’t get a picture of it but I actually mixed two loreal lipsticks to get this color! xD And I really love it! :D <3 The color is very natural :D

Now to my selfies:



That’s it for now guys! Take Care! <3 ^_^


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