Book Review: Big Magic

Hello guys!

I’ve been caught up with uni, work and trying to teach myself to edit videos, which is so time consuming! ^^But beside all that I finally finished of reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Garden and seriously guys; it was worth it. It has been a long time since I’ve read books, but this one was really inspiring.


Gilbert has written about “creative living” in an amazing way, that made me realize what to focus on when I myself do blogging or anything creative in general. Her perspective of how to create a creative living is amazing. I don’t think I agree with every single thing in the book but most of it though! :) I love how she works with writing and how she doesn’t pressure herself but just write because she simply loves to write.

I also love how optimistic she is about her writing, and how she struggles with writing but doesn’t give up. The books is really inspiring and definitely one I would recommend to you guys! :) It’s so motivating because the message is so simple: Do what you love, because you love it. You will not get inspired and make a creative living if you pressure yourself to get success or anything like that. Creative living is just all about getting inspiration and make something out of the inspiration and enjoy the moment. Very simple and inspiring; We all tend to get caught up in numbers, statistic for instance but that’s not the main thing at all… The magic is when you enjoy the things you do and when you let yourself get inspired in peace without thinking about success, but only about the joy it brings to you. The more you enjoy what you do, the more inspired you will get. The rest will come when it comes.. And that’s okay.


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