Birthday Celebration

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago in the middle of the exam period, we got to celebrate our friends’s birthdays. So two of them have birthday in January and since most of us have exams at that time it is really hard to find a day to celebrate. We somehow did do a quick celebration together and I got a few photos from the birthday I want to share with you guys.

 photo IMG_3620_zpspvypgoos.jpg
 photo IMG_3616_zpsb1btgbx6.jpg
 photo IMG_3617_zpsljjecjrf.jpg
 photo IMG_3628_zpswhyc9zaq.jpg
 photo IMG_3634_zpsnhaog5py.jpg
 photo IMG_3637_zpsjdgqtffl.jpg
 photo IMG_3662_zpspbe881nn.jpg
 photo IMG_3666_zpse6sheium.jpg
 photo IMG_3683_zpsyb0qndon.jpg

 photo viber image_zps1i5wbskp.jpg
 photo viber image4_zpsl5t6dvcp.jpg
 photo viber image2_zpsjba0srwu.jpg

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