Valentines Day

Hello Everyone & Happy Valentines Day! :D

I know it is too late to post beauty looks for valentines day BUT I’m gonna do it anyways, cause this is what I spend my Valentines day on. Exacly; Creating beauty looks :-P I’ve got 3 different looks for Valentine that I would wear. The makeup is kinda the same in all three, the lip color is different though and hairstyle and the top I’m wearing is different as well! I hope you like it and I’ll tell you guys more about my own valentines day later in this post ;)

The first look is kinda girly and innocent looking: Big shirt, braid and heavy makeup. I know this is not all girly with dresses, but the second one is though ;)
 photo IMG_7239_zpsgxmxwd20.jpg
 photo IMG_7282_zpsygpwoic0.jpg
 photo IMG_7307_zpsnhnvohqs.jpg
 photo IMG_7311_zpsgjaxxuum.jpg

I love wearing red lips with white dresses! Oh and then the hair in a messy bun. Let me show you:
 photo IMG_7326_zpsclbs7ahc.jpg
 photo IMG_7328_zpslmwtbxx4.jpg
 photo IMG_7331_zpstyuzvn7f.jpg
 photo IMG_7333_zpspudkjffi.jpg
 photo IMG_7344_zpspx2z9h0l.jpg
The last one is very casual; black and white top, with “nude/pink” lips and loose hair:
 photo IMG_7414_zps12ne9w8y.jpg
 photo IMG_7412_zpsbnk0nxtd.jpg
 photo IMG_7380_zpsaujl89tb.jpg
 photo IMG_7379_zpsax2f5j5k.jpg
 photo IMG_7366_zpsagquv6jx.jpg
 photo IMG_7358_zps3vkuue3h.jpg
Ok. So these 3 looks will be what I WOULD go for for a valentines day. But how did I actually spend my Valentines Day? -_- Well messy bun, loose tanktop, pizza, green tea, Modern Family, working on the blog and cleaning XD I just relaxed and spend some me-time today! :D I don’t think you need an “another half” to have a well-spend valentines day. I mean I wouldn’t mind ;) But I think the important thing on Valentines day is just to give the people you love, some love and also yourself as well. Like any other day; treat yourself and the ones you love good. And on Valentines day: Just a little extra good, just because you can ;) 
My real valentines look: 

 photo IMG_7423_zpsfxmxzsao.jpg
 photo IMG_7430_zpslkw55cel.jpg
 photo IMG_7438_zpshsmvhs5v.jpg
 photo IMG_7457_zpscjzypyhk.jpg
But yeah… a girl can dream though:
 photo IMG_7460_zpslnrmk4qq.jpg
I had a very laid back valentine and a very productive one today! :D I hope you’re all doing good and that you all had an awesome valentines day! :D <3 
Take Care! 

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