A.R. Rahman Concert 2015!

Hi everyone!

We went to London for 4-5 days to see the A.R. Rahman Concert in O2! And O-M-G it was really really GOOD! It was totally worth the trip :D I really enjoyed the performances and the singers were really talented! I wish the concert were a little bit longer cause I really wanted to listen to some more of his songs!! We had a great time and I’m so happy that I went! I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures or videos guys so I only got few pictures ^^ Here you go:

2015-08-15 22.05.56

2015-08-15 20.08.26

2015-08-15 22.05.50

2015-08-15 22.05.45

2015-08-15 19.52.46

2015-08-15 19.52.44




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