6 Tips To Stay Focused, Motivated & Productive

Hello guys!
I’m done with 2 exams now and I still have one more to go (next week!) so I thought I would share some tips to stay productive, focused and motivated that I personally use to keep on going.

1. Stay focused 30 min to 60 min and then give yourself a break afterwards.
I either study for 30 min and give myself a 5-10 min break or I study for an hour and give myself a longer break for about 15 min.

2. Make sure to plan your studies beforehand and be realistic.
Have a realistic study plan that you can follow without getting stressed out everyday. This makes it easier for you to study each day and to reach your goals everyday and you still get a break to do other things you like after studying.

3. Stay hydrated
I often forget to drink water and I get so exhausted so I’m trying to be more aware of drinking water and it does make a huge difference.

4. Move!
Sitting for hours the same place is not healthy and it’s hard to focus. When I study at uni and one of us get exhausted we go for a walk, buy some snack, play football (the table football thing), and then we will get back to studying. It makes you more fresh and you are more focused again.

5. Listen to music that calms you down if you are stressed.
I tend to get stressed fast in the exam period because I get so nervous. One thing that calms me down is listening to music while studying: I listen to instrumentals, the study genre on Spotify, acoustic songs/covers and mainstram music too. It all depends on how I feel and my focus level.

6. Change up your space!
When I Study with my study-group we study at uni in the study-areas or sometimes we study at each other’s places instead when we need some change in the environment. When I study myself I study at home when I feel like it, other days I study at uni library, the 24/7 study hall, and the TEK groupwork-area. They also have several different study halls at uni so I try to change things up a bit to stay focused.

And I guess that’s it for today! Those are the tips I try to follow and now I should probably get back to studying :P (My break is over! xD)

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash


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