5 Netflix Series I love rewatching!

Hello guys!
Today I thought I would share 5 series I love watching on Netflix (if you haven’t already watched these; but you could also re-watch them again and again like I do) :


Of course! It’s my number one all time favorite series that I love watching again and again. It just lifts my mood in no time and I just love all the characters and the humor! So it has to be on the list :P I love everything about the series!

Gossip Girl

Yup. I just started watching Gossip Girl again. There’s just something really catchy about Gossip Girl. I think it’s the characters (Chuck Bass of course). But also the “Upper East Lifestyle”, their clothes and you know Blair and Serena, Oh and Dan Humphrey! There’s just something I really enjoy about this series! Love it!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This one is amazing. I love the characters and the humor is just awesome! Another one that just lifts my mood in no time! <3 Gotta love this! I think it’s one you can watch over and over again without getting tired of it at all!

Modern Family

How can you not love Modern Family?! Such a chill fun series that I also love to re-watch again and again. Love the characters and the storyline! They are awesome!

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Yup. Another mood booster! Gotta Love Will Smith and the whole cast for this series. Another one that I love so much. One of the best comedy series I’ve watched xD


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