Hello guys! <3
I’m sorry I didn’t get to blog yesterday. I went to the hairdresser right after work and we were there for about 5 hours so I got home kinda late and I was so exhausted. So with that said.. yeah I kinda cut my hair and decided to dye it as well. So it’s not all done yet. I want it a little darker than what it is right now which I’m going to get next week but I still wanted to show you guys the process and how it looks so far. I’ve been wanting to cut and dye my hair for some time now so last week we just decided to find a date this week and just get it done :P I cant wait to see the final result and how it goes with my curly hair as well. So as for the photos today I have straightened my hair but I’ll try to see if I can get some curly hair look in the weekend ;)


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