Very Random // A Quick Trip To Copenhagen

Hello Everyone! :D

This is a very quick random life-update! :D Last weekend my friends and I went to a quick Copenhagen trip and it was so coooozy! ^_^ And I finally got to shop in Urban Outfitters again since we don’t have UO in Odense :'( But I actually didn’t get to buy anything. I think I felt for eating out than shopping material stuff so it ended up being a simple shopping trip where I could look around for some inspiration :D <3 You guys know that I’m experimenting with taking photos since I’m borrowing a camera from a friend of mine, so I thought why not share a few moments from the trip to Copenhagen in the train while telling you guys that I’m still alive AND I’m working on new posts ^_^ <3  (Very Random)





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  1. February 19, 2015 / 14:31

    love the blog update! Great pics! happy v-day.

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