The Diner

Hello guys! ^_^
So I’m totally behind with the blog posts lately cause December is so hectic and there’s so much going on with the studies and everything so bare with me :) <3
For about two weeks ago we got to chill at The Diner; I gotta say I loved the US style in the restaurant; everything was so colorful and American! That was so cool :D Here are some pictures: 
 photo IMG_0485_zpsv59z8zez.jpg

 photo IMG_0488_zpsmkxrfh1r.jpg

 photo IMG_0491_zpsufc6dzhv.jpg
 photo IMG_0486_zpsfjr4gdga.jpg
 photo IMG_0502_zpszfcsbiug.jpg
 photo IMG_0505_zpsmiaor26j.jpg
 photo IMG_0506_zpszrxdcyee.jpg

 photo IMG_0498_zpsapzls68f.jpg



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