Fave YT Videos ATM

Hello Guys! ^_^

Happy friday! :D Since it is friday…let me be totally random today: I thought I would share 3 of my latest favorite videos on YouTube. I’m one of those who is stuck on youtube procrastinating -.-‘ I should study, work or clean my apartment but yet I don’t feel guilty at all chilling on youtube instead ^_^” I love watching youtube videos; from beauty videos, random comedy videos, motivation videos to performances! Today I have one “beauty/comedy”-video, a cover and a performance video. Let’s get to the videos :D (They’re not in order at all btw!)

Contour Like A Instagram Pro: Love love love this! She’s awesome xD

Kelly Clarkson performing Piece by Piece: Love this performance and the song as well! I wish she’s made a piano version of this song on her album :( <3

Love Yourself vs. F*ck Yourself: Great twist! Love love!


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